Yu (allis) MIYASHITA
Yu (allis) MIYASHITA

b. 1984 Yamanashi Japan. Currently lives and works in Berlin Deutschland.

Electronic musician, film composer, mixing and mastering engineer and DJ, also known as Yaporigami. His activities span a wide range of fields, including feature films, documentaries, commercials, fashion shows, installations, theaters, museums, and media art festivals. His works revolve around human and dualistic themes such as good and evil, sanity and madness, blessings and curses, and explores the creation of musical works that encompass these contradictory poles. Like life and death. Not everything or nothing but everything and nothing.

“Along with the images, the score by Yu Miyashita and its accompanying sound design constitute a challenge to conventional Western film language. It’s a welcome and necessary one, I think.”
- Glenn Kenny at RogerEbert

"Somehow elegantly weightless yet utterly bombed out and forceful”
- Boomkat

One of the most notable contributions to cinema is the soundtrack to Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese's film This Is Not A Burial,
It's A Resurrection (2019). The film premiered at the Venice Biennale and has won more than 25 awards at international film festivals, including Sundance, USA. He has composed the music for films of another:, which consists of architectural photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu and film director Arata Mori, that collaborate with architectural offices (BIG, OMA, SO-IL, etc.) and artists (Chiharu Shiota, etc.). He has produced music for five seasons of the fashion brand VIVIANO's shows.

Auditor of a label The Collection Artaud.
A black crow flew from right to left almost perfectly horizontally.
The trees moved from left to right gradually like a wave of the ocean.
No, this is not silence science. What’s next?
Siren once, silence.
Voice、 silence.
Voices, background noise.
Compliments, silence.
I have been ignoring it, excuse me.
I do know and I do not.
Another silence science.
Observe, analyze, dots - lines, assumptions, tests, conclusion - truth.
Fuck off, it didn’t sound you meant it.
I do love you for that.
Now, the kitchen started to make noises.
Excuse me for the shift of the energy field I triggered.
I am what I am.
Alles Gute.