Mix by Santi ˜”*°•.˜”*°• santi •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Festival of activism and culture of the North Caucasus // CCA Tbilisi

Episode in memory of Odai Masri
Misha Kurilov and Marianna Kruchinski
Hovsep – Tiktok Heartbreak mix
Lucia Kagramanyan
Bescolour – Behrang Najafi
Younger Sibling
Heavy Angel Marymeta
Dirar Kalash
Mountain Republic
Majid Nazarli
Mi Ho
Victoria Sarangova
Bios Contrast
Arnau Montserrat
Hadi Bastani
Cinna Peyghamy
Juli Riot
Stella Loretsyan
Eldar Tagi
Bint Mbareh
Andriy Kostyukov
Rosso Polare
Stefania(Steff) J Mendolia
Aikhal Ammosov
Maria Karpovich
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"actually im into rock but..."
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Ornithological notes of Yerevan

UA ear-catching overwrought

Support Yakutian Anti-war punk

Some Things Cannot Be Fixed

Cani Lenti – Cafe Oto

Andriy Kostyukov with UA music mix

Dina presents 3 works in progress

Archived live recording of stolen field recordings

Children Have The Right To Noise

And the grief is carrying me

Мої думки під час війни



Lagan Way

Die A Thousand Deaths

Archaeology of Progress. Elista

Sonic Profile

there will be no txt ≠ sound ((only))

6ela – R22 Tout-monde radio show《sept》
Improvisation and 2 peaces
(Ored, Temir, DJ Mana, TMWYWK)
60 min
126 min
126 min
69 min
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live rec in Composers Union of Armenia
sonic report from Plattfon Records Basel
Automatic Vacuum [Brake] | It is not a dj set
hosts 1 hour music episode
Fantasia takeover on Foundation fm
Fantasia takeover on Foundation fm
Fantasia takeover on Foundation fm
1 hour episode from
The regular (stable) program explores unstable situations, political and social problems, such as discrimination, armed conflicts, oppression, breaking into everyday life.

Participants share experiences, emotions or their research using sound: field recordings, music, voice messages, notes, everyday conversations, soundscapes, etc. The main purpose of each episode is the dissemination of important information, the share of the position and analysis of current and past social and political disasters, as well as civil resistance in its various forms.

Authors also can share independent sources of information and external links, for example, fundraising companies or other projects. Audio-visual materials can also be attached to the episodes: photographs, moving images and texts in order to more clearly reflect the studies and situations described by the authors of the works.