Music, Noise and Power
Arnau Montserrat Palou
Sonic Agencies in the Catalan Protests

Catalonia a cultural country
Noise and silence
Words and lyrics
Noise as weapon
List of references

"Born and raised in Barcelona, Arnau Montserrat has always been passionate about arts and their relationship to new technologies. In 2016, after finishing his studies in audiovisual systems engineering at Pompeu Fabra University, he decided to move to Berlin with the desire to find a place to investigate new artistic possibilities and began his studies in "Sound Studies and Sonic Arts" at the Berlin University of the Arts. Parallel to his activities as a sound artist he is also involved in different projects as curator and organizer of cultural and artistic events in different parts of the world.

As a sound and new media artist, he designs soundscapes for performing arts and multimedia installations, exploring the role of sound in each of them and their possible interactions. The result of a collaboration with the artists involved, is an investigation of new multidisciplinary and transversal forms of artistic expression. The bridge he aims to create between sound and new media art allows for a deeper dialogue within the two artistic topics."
Arnau Bio
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