Sonic Pieces: Alina & Danil / Margaritki / Sk1nny Artist / Ria Dar / llllllllll9l / Varoujan / Heater meets Winter Time / apartment beat ableton lesson / / Gaagaat / like usually
Artwork: Earwitness

High es du

"There are many ways to make a career, but the surest way is to be born into the right family".

We swapped our field recordings with each other, which we made during the residency and each collected its own piece, which we then combined into one track. We found it interesting because we had generally different circumstances of being there, different times and two completely different experiences. therefore, such a clot of daisies turned out.
Sk1nny Artist:

Songs with motivational speeches come across in my tracks every day.
But when you listen to them for a long time, you get a feeling of paranoia - some voices in your head are yelling at you, telling you what to do. One of the goals of the residence, it seemed to me, was to motivate communication between those who left and stayed. Perhaps our motivation for someone also sounded like paranoia, or perhaps it was caused by it.

This mix is an attempt to describe the emotional path that I have gone through during these two years in residence and to show that even Tyson can be scared. And the music will continue.

Sample of Gaagaat's track tsavd tanem (I'll take away the pain) and the sounds of the balcony where we had a lot of coffee with him.
Like Ususally:

Pchi Qami! I want to hear Your blessed prayer for feeling and rest. I heard it near the triangle park and flew H.A.Y.Q.

apartment beat - real good.

At that time, I already came not as president, but just to stay with the guys at the Printing House in Yerevan for a few days.

I remember that I was walking alone in the city that day and decided to go
to the Zoravor Church of the Holy Virgin/Զորավոր Սուրբ Աստվածածին Եկեղեցի/Saint Mother of God the Mighty Church and I was afraid to go inside, so I walked around the territory, and then I saw a chapel nearby and
a staircase leading down. When I came down,
I heard voices - it was two grandmothers singing. I stayed on the stairs and listened, it was a very unusual feeling, because sounds from the interior and sounds from the street were mixed on the stairs. This record is very dear to me. It even has its own name, which
I typed in (usually all my entries are automatically signed with addresses, which is not always convenient) so as not to lose
it. The recording is called "Yerevan: eavesdropping on grandmothers in the temple."
Ria Dar:

A glint of stardust on the welcome rug encapsulates a world's charm. You ponder at it unusually long, and then notice the mountain wanderers nearby chanting.
"Only ash and rubble was left." The world is fading away from here, and the world is fading away from there. You notice that the violence from people cannot ravage the earth as it does now, as it has long since. You must help someone, anyone, but you cannot stand idle while the world runs amok.