Nasim Goli
The images of this video are taken from the installation; „Scream at Mr. Gormley’s field“
‏Fantasy Breads (we used to refer to Baguette as „Fantasy Bread“ in Farsi)

And the text read on the video was written by Nasim Goli in 2023:

In the quiet corners of our souls, we carry burdens—weighty, intangible, and woven into the fabric of our existence. It's not just a load; it's the fierce ache of the heart, silent tears, and the footprints of our life's journey.

Our burdens are silent companions, shadows walking beside us—fears, regrets, and unspoken sorrows. They're the weight of expectations, societal pressure, and echoes of history in our minds, etched into our bodies and souls.

These burdens aren't solitary; they intertwine with political, social, and economic currents that shape our world. Political decisions amplify or alleviate our burdens, unevenly distributed, resting heavily on the shoulders of outcasts. Economic disparities deepen our collective burden.

Making this burden light requires understanding, compassion, and collective effort. Education, empathy, and advocacy can light the path to a lighter existence. In life's path, there comes a moment when we finally consign our burdens to the earth. In death, we release the weight that our mortal shoulders can no longer bear.

Earth, this silent witness, becomes the repository of our shared stories and carries our weight. As we consign our burdens to the earth, we dream of healing, understanding, and a future unburdened by the mistakes of the past.

The burden is both a companion and a challenge. Through empathy, understanding, and collective action, we can strive to make the burden lighter, redistributing its weight across the shoulders of humanity. In consigning our weight to the earth, we hope for a world where history is carried not as
a heavyweight but as a lesson, etched gently into the folds of time.
Nasim Goli, is a visual artist based in Tehran. She decided to pursue a career as a self-taught artist after studying materials engineering. Her artwork predominantly focuses on the themes of body, earth, space, perishability, and time.

Goli works with installation and sculpture using various materials including ready-mades, as well as perishable materials such as bread and dough. She intentionally uses materials that highlight the relationship between body and earth, emphasizing their interdependence and the delicate balance they share. Additionally, she challenges the economic aspects of work through her choice of materials.
In 2022, she created a sculpture-„V=6.48 m3“- and installed it in her apartment and
In recent years, she has begun displaying her art in this white cube space located within her own apartment