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indigoblue is a musician and sound artist living in Toulouse, France. With a strong interest in collective and horizontal practices, they’re involved in several local organizations and actively contribute to Toulouse’s scene.

They’re a cofounder of the collective Le Comité des Fêtes, which organizes festive events in an autonomous ethos, driving inspiration from sound system culture and anti-authoritarian readings. They’re also involved in the organization of the festival Les Siestes and the decentralized community Global URL Nation.

indigoblue’s solo practice takes interest in experimental forms of electronic music, with a particular focus
on drone and field recording. They engage in diverse mediums such as composition, production, live performance and djing. Additionally, they run ‘spinal spiral’, a recurring show on Toulouse-based web radio Egregore.

———————I ve been working on a collage including personal recordings and music with which I resonated. Most of the recordings were collected in the context of the preparation of festive events organized by a collective I'm a part of, Le Comité des Fêtes. Our events are organized in an autonomous and horizontal ethos, drawing heavy inspiration from sound system culture and anarchist readings. They usually take place in a community-driven space in Toulouse or temporary outdoor venues, where we try to think and act in resistance to oppressive and capitalist dynamics. Other recordings are extracted from my personal archive.———————

As attachments, I'd like to include fundraisers for medical aid in Palestine.
Support Palestinian children’s health care in Gaza
Simina Oprescu - Sound of Matter I
Sandra Boss, Jonas Olesen, Anders Lauge Meldgaard - Fuglene
Daou - Magnetic Dream I
Fangyi Liu - jan4 je6 夤夜
Samo Kutin – prepared hurdy gurdy and acoustic resonators
Remo Seeland (with Laya Ensemble) - Baldachin